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You Have the Right To Choose The Licensed Repair Shop Where The Damage To Your Motor Vehicle Will Be Repaired

  • You do not need three estimates. Since you have your choice of repair shops, you simply let your insurance company know which shop you’ve decided to use and they can send an appraiser to look at the damage with the shop’s estimator. Several insurance companies will also accept our estimate, ask your insurance company if Mastercraft is on their approved list.


  • Visible damage estimates – per state regulation, when completing an initial estimate or appraisal for insurance repairs, we, as well as an insurance or independent appraiser, can only include damage that we can physically see at the time of inspection. Although we strive to give a complete and accurate assessment of the damage, it isn’t always possible to see all of the damage until the vehicle is taken apart.  When additional damage is found, we advise the customer and/or insurance company and work out additional payment for that damage.


  • Not all body shops provide the same quality or complete repairs in the same manner. The quality of repairs can vary greatly between different shops. The cheapest estimate will not always result in the best repair. Keep this in mind when deciding on your repair shop. If you are concerned with repair quality, be cautious if a shop tells you they can “save your deductible” or do the job cheaper than an insurance estimate, they could be short cutting the repair to make up the difference.


  • Aftermarket or Recycled parts VS. OEM or “factory” parts.  Aftermarket parts are parts that are NOT made by the vehicle manufacturer. They are made to look, fit and perform in the same manner as OEM parts.  Some aftermarket parts look, fit and perform better than others.  Recycled parts are undamaged OEM parts that are taken from a donor vehicle, of the same year, make and model, and used as replacement parts. Some insurance companies will allow the customer a choice of parts usage and some will require the use of more cost effective (either A/M or Recycled) parts.  It is common for an insurance company to write for more cost effective non-OEM parts in repairing a vehicle.  We will always ask you what you prefer for parts usage and providing the parts are available, make every effort to make repairs according to the customer’s preference. (Note:  Most insurance policies specify what is allowed for replacement part usage – most cost effective or new OEM factory parts, review your policy or check with your insurance agent to see what your specific policy includes.)


  • Not all insurance policies are the same. When selecting your insurance coverage, ask about parts usage in the event of a covered loss.  Some insurance companies are now offering different levels of policies. Some require the use of OEM or factory parts only and other policies require the use of more cost effective parts, if available. Which means you may not have a choice, parts usage could be dictated by the policy. Check with your insurance provider to see what your policy includes.


  • We believe in the FAST / GOOD / CHEAP philosophy. It means you can have two but you can’t have all three. This philosophy holds true with a lot of products and services not just auto body, keep this in mind when you are selecting a shop to do your repairs. Please don’t ask for or expect all three.